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Heyyy I'm gonna assume you've seen the Oswald cameo in the new Mickey Mouse series app?
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do you know where i can find more hidden oswalds? ive already found the one in new fantasyland, the one from /post/44106314746/my-discovery-of-an-unlisted-hidden-oswald, and the one in town square theater. any more? by the way, since theyre fixing up the outside of colmbia, the bucket and paddle oswald has been moved a bit father off to the right side of the building.
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I dunno of any other ones. … Well, unless you count the entirety of Everest as one, but as far as Magic Kingdom… yeah idk. I feel like there should be one in Adventureland with all of the Pirate Adventure things they have sitting around, but I haven’t seen one yet.

Idk I spend all my free time in Epcot anyway, oops.

I like how in the end of Epic Mickey 2, Oswald is left in a land that now has the technology to broadcast television programs to the real world.

I’m just wondering how long after the end of the game it would have taken him to realize this. My guess is he woke up sometime in the middle of the night and immediately began planning his new tv show. Didn’t sleep for two whole days building a set for it.

Oswald Costumes!

So which is your favorite? Mine’s the Mad Doctor one. It’s hilarious.



(ʘ‿ʘ✿) “what you say ‘bout me”

(ʘ‿ʘ)ノ✿ “hold my flower”

✿\(。-_-。) “Kick his ass, baby.  I got yo flower.”

Oh snap someone got insulted


Here’s two problems I’ve always had with this cutscene:

1. The Doc threatens to destroy everything if Mickey doesn’t give him the Brush. He doesn’t give him the Brush, but the Doc does absolutely nothing to back up his threat, thereby rendering the entire exchange completely pointless.

2. When the Doc reaches down with the claw and Oswald stops him, he stops the claw. So, what the hell, Doc? He clearly wants these two dead, and he literally had them about 3cm from his evil claw of death. He could have squished them there and then, taken the Brush, and be done with it. But no, he decides to be nice, pulls the claw away, and folds his arms in a mini-tantrum instead. Nice going. He had them in his grasp, and he just lets them go. And it’s not a question of showing mercy, he really wants these two dead; in the ensuing battle. he’s firing electricity and Thinner and all sorts of crap at them, but no, here, when he could actually win, he decides not to. Wow.

… also, where the hell does Gus go during all this? You only see him during the earlier zoomed-out shots, but even when the Doc’s taking the Brush in the lower GIF, he’s randomly disappeared. Weird.

(OK, I still think the final boss is pretty epic, but these two things always irked me…)

Maybe it was done on purpose though? Perhaps him hesitating when Oswald got in the way was foreshadowing his ultimate (apparent) change of heart.

I mean, I’ll be the first to say I don’t know if he really has completely turned nice, but if the game was supposed to say that yes, he definitely has, this could be proof to back it up? Their way of saying the Mad Doctor does, actually, still have the capacity for good inside him. Good that finally gets drawn back out once Oswald almost dies to save him. He and Oswald do go way back, after all. I know we only see bad sides to him in the comics, but perhaps things weren’t always like that. There may have been a time when the Mad Doctor truly DID consider Oswald and his family friends.

If he was only always bad, why would Ortensia have out up with him to begin with?

And if they truly were friends, it isn’t a big stretch to say that could give him pause here. It isn’t until Oswald jumps in the way that he stops, showing he didn’t actually care about Mickey. Why should he? Literally all of their history together is nothing but them being enemies. But Oswald, on the other hand, was once his friend. Oswald is the one who goes to save him — even when MICKEY FREAKING MOUSE wouldn’t. Sure, his other motives may have kicked in after this initial jolt, leading to the boss fight as we know it, but I don’t see why him hesitating before Oswald should be considered to out of character.

If we truly are meant to believe the Mad Doctor has been redeemed at the end of the game, this hesitation makes perfect sense.


This is what I do on Friday nights instead of socialize.

The left is from epic mickey and the right is from the sequel.

The last two sets are very interesting to me. In the first game, Wasteland was healed, so there was a much lighter and cheerier color scheme used for the finale — much like the color scheme used throughout Power of Two.

But then for some reason, when Po2 recreated it for the opening… they went back to a slightly more drab color scheme? Because if you look at the first set, they brightened up Oswald in the chair. But then everything is yellowed in the last two. It’s an interesting choice.

For those who didn’t know, there is a novelization of Epic Mickey. You can purchase either the paperback or the kindle version from Amazon, if you’re interested. It’s obviously written for younger kids (amazon has it listed for ages 8 and up), only takes about a hour to read, and changed a few things here and there — most notably cutting out large chunks of the game and quite a bit of Oswald’s motivations behind certain things — but if you have the dollars to spare, it’s worth it. For funsies, and for letting Disney know some of us are still very much interested in Epic Mickey!

Disney Store added two new shirts and the Oswald ears to their website! I’m gonna get that 4th of July shirt as soon as I can!

Red shirt
USA shirt


Just released at DCA. Why do they wait until I leave to do this stuff?



Oswald the lucky rabbit concept art. 


Disney Parks: Oswald, the Lucky Rabbit T:)

And to think they passed up an opportunity to make a shirt with Oswald and his AMERICAN grilled cheese sandwich…


Wanted to draw Oswald as Nine.

Why? I have no idea…honest!

Oswald and Doctor Who crossover?

It’s like it was made for me.